Guest Post From abby jean: francis fox piven

abbyjean is a feminist with mental illness(es) living in sunny Southern California. She’s particularly interested in how race, class, spoken language, and other identities intersect with disability issues. She loves research and science and policy and hates it when people use junk science to justify bad policy. She also loves music and enthusiastic dancing. She […]

Guest Post From Satah: Glee: The Substitute

This is a guest post from satah. satah, more commonly known as emily swashbuckle, is a canadian cardigan aficionado. her life goals include “be sherlock holmes” and “reference harry potter until people start to visibly cringe at the words ‘well, as dumbledore said in goblet of fire…’”. she tumbls vociferously at eating dictionaries and never […]

Guest Poster

I am excited to announce that guest poster B will occasionally be posting commentaries on education. She’s a former school teacher who worked in the Oakland school district, and she actually has her very own site at Being Light Skinded. I think that her perspective on education issues will be interesting to a lot of […]