So much for committing to fewer antibiotics on farms

In recent years, humans have faced an explosion of antibiotic-resistant disease and some really excellent investigative journalism exploring the causes, including not just the overuse of antibiotics in medical treatment, but also their applications in farming, where they’re used to treat and prevent infection and as growth promoters. This has created problems ranging from chicken […]

Why we need imperfect produce

Some friends have a subscription to a CSA called Imperfect Produce, which promises delivery of ‘ugly produce’ at well below market prices, because stores won’t buy it from the farmers that grow it. It reduces food waste (mimicking recent EU pushes to mandate grocery stores to reduce waste and encourage them to sell fruits and […]

Cultivars and food sensitivity

We’re living in an era in which judging what other people eat is extremely popular, as apparently minding our own plates is something we’re incapable of. We’re all familiar with people who troll other people because they’re too fat to eat X, or because they should try Y since it’s healthier, or they should eat […]