Please vote in local races

Happy primary day, California (and Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota)! You already know that I’m going to tell you to vote* — please do, don’t let complacency about which candidate you think will win or the alleged futility of elections keep you from the polls — but what I actually […]

Hey, I Could Have Used That!

There have been a number of high profile stories in the news lately about what happens to unsold items at stores, especially chain stores. Like reports on clothing chains which slash clothing and dump it in bags on street corners, bookstores which strip covers and dumpster unsold books, and so forth. Anyone who has ever […]

Female Celebrities Behaving Oddly? It Must Be Mental Illness!

My pal Ouyang Dan from FWD/Forward has written two great posts recently talking about the way the public devours celebrity, and specifically about the way in which the public frames female celebrity. “The Public Consumption of Britney” is up over at Bitch Magazine, and “On Speculation and Boundaries…” was published at FWD after the unexpected […]

Where Did That Lettuce Come From?

An estimated 1.6 million people labour in the fields of the United States. Most of them were born outside the United States. Many of them are undocumented immigrants. Educational opportunities for them have been limited. The vast majority of crops grown in the United States are harvested by people who lack a realistic chance of […]