In the Garden: October is Here!

Friends, can we talk about how much I am ready for this year to be over, because I am. It has been one of highs and lows, and…oh wait, this isn’t the end of December and I’m not writing about my mixed feelings for 2014. Oh. Maybe it’s just my mood because of the shortening days and other matters, but it’s time to move on to 2015, or greener pastures, or whatever.

Rather than dwelling on these matters (and the fact that we have but three more months to suffer through, one of which will include an explosion of delightful ornamental gourds!), let’s take a look at the garden.

Something interesting happened in September: Because it rained for all of two inches, everything got momentarily extremely optimistic, right down to the yard, which flushed with green before it realised it was a false alarm. It was kind of like watching a chlorophyll-filled version of a shy girl thinking that someone’s waving at her at the dance, only to realise that it’s actually the person behind her.


But my wisteria was undaunted by the thought that perhaps the rain was not for it. In fact, it’s actually pretty stoked on life, retaining its greenery and having at it on the porch.

A wisteria vine climbing a supportive post.

See? It’s unstoppable. This was sort of the goal, but I’m pleased to see that it’s finally settling in after a couple of years. I hope it’s not too badly bitten back by the frost, though if it survived last year’s cold, it’s probably good to go.

Meanwhile, my Mexican sage keeps coming back even though I keep trying to pull it out because it insists on dying every single year in the frost, and I dislike the appearance of withered, tragic, dead plants — I’d rather just replace it with something that will either stay green in the winter, or look reasonably respectable. Instead, it’s luring me into a false sense of security with its velvety leaves, cheerful purple flowers, and mild scent…even though I know it will be trashed come the first freeze.

A Mexican sage plant, dancing in the breeze

I see what you’re doing there, sage. Please note the flax in the background, which I’m hoping will grow big enough to replace it. The profusion of green groundcover is yerba buena, a native herb that seems to be doing quite well at doing exactly what I planted it to do: Taking over the world. I’d like to start a few more plugs to see if I can get it to cover the ‘lawn’ since I hate grass and I hate mowing even more.

Meanwhile, these guys:

Pink flowers of unknown origins

These were planted way back in the dark ages by the man who built my house, so I have a certain affection for them, as I knew the man who built my house and I like the idea that his legacy lives on not just in the house, but in the living things around it. That said, I have no idea what these plants are. Fortunately for everyone, they seem to be indestructible, and they’re pretty, so they get a pass.

My friends, I raise a cup of tea to you all, and to the rapid end of 2014. Now let’s gird our loins to make it through breast cancer ‘awareness’ month and the shitshow of offensive costumes that’s sure to accompany Halloween, shall we?