The Crackle of June Gardens

June ended with a hot sigh, the bricks of my patio searing under bare feet, crickets bounding out of the grass, the wood of the porch wicking up spilled water from the hose almost instantly. It is dry here in Northern California, ferociously, bitterly, intensely dry, and the whole garden is showing signs of it — especially since I’m not watering because of the drought.

Some flowers are thriving, though. The resident California poppies are doing just fine because they’re evolved for this climate, so they’re happy as clams.

An array of brassy orange poppies.

While these lovely flowers can actually come in a range of shades (I’ve seen yellow, reddish, white, pink, and even purple), orange is classic. They always make me smile when everything else is totally dessicated and they’re perfectly happy.

A red lily in full-throated bloom.

These lilies have also been doing well, although I need to dig them up and divide them before they get out of control. Thanks to my traveling, work, and illness, I haven’t been paying as much attention to my little fenced garden as I should, and things sort of went to pot over there. That’s a project for later in the summer.

I hope.

Soft white-pink sweet pea blooms.

I’ve had absolutely no luck growing wild sweet peas, but these perennials seem quite happy, and they come back year after year, just as advertised…