In the Garden: Summertime

It may not be summertime by our calendar, but it feels like it: long, hot, dry days. The flowers are starting to peter out because the weather is getting too intense, which would give me a relief from my allergies, except that the most hardy among them, like ragweed, are some of the most allergenic. Of course.

Despite my travels over the last few months, I did get to enjoy some of the lovely flowers my garden produced this year — although I didn’t water because of the drought, and some plants definitely suffered.

Bold white flowers with reddish centers growing on long stalks.

These bulbs, which keep coming back more prolifically every year, would have done better if something hadn’t mysteriously sat in the middle of their planter. I’m thinking it may have been one of the local cats, but I’m not entirely sure.

A fall of wisteria, slightly faded.

The wisteria is doing well, although getting a better trellis for it is on the long list of things I have reminded myself to do. Sadly I missed much of the bloom this year, because it happened while I was in New Zealand, but the tail end was quite lovely.

Purple and lavender bearded irises.

After two years of doing nothing, these bearded iris are finally starting to take off, and they’re looking great. I’m so happy they finally decided to get their act together and bloom, and I hope this means they’ll keep doing it in coming years as the bulbs divide and get stronger.

An orange and yellow lupine.The lupines are back, as are my perennial sweet peas. Both are doing quite well when you consider the fact that they weren’t watered!