this ain’t livin’ Needs Your Support!

Did you know that this ain’t livin’ is rapidly approaching its ninth anniversary? I’ve published 5,135 posts to date, and the site has been updated daily since December 2005, with one exception: when the power went out for three days and I wrote my blog posts on pieces of paper so I could upload them after PG&E restored service. I’ve written while traveling, while grieving, while under pressure from deadlines large and small, while preparing for speeches and while crammed into corners on trains, planes, and in other people’s homes.

this ain’t livin’ has become an integral part of my life not just because it helped launch my career, but because I use it as a place to write about things I can’t cover anywhere else — they’re too wonky, they’re too radical, or for whatever reason, they don’t fit into the editorial schedule. It also allows me to show some of my more human side, giving y’all glimpses into my life (and garden).

It’s also a lot of work. The time burden associated with the site is huge, as is the financial burden. As my schedule gets ever more busy, it’s become even harder to keep up — especially since, as some of you may know, I lost a major client this year and I’m struggling to make up my sudden income gap.

I’ve remained committed to keeping this ain’t livin’ free of advertising, sponsored posts, and other outside influences, and I’ll never charge to read it. But I would love it if you’d be willing to consider supporting me and the work I do here as well as elsewhere — your support here can help me carve out more time for other great projects, like book-length works.

Since not everyone is able to contribute at the same level, I’ve set up a couple of options for people interested in becoming patrons, contributors, supporters, friends, or whatever else you want to call it of this ain’t livin’. You can always PayPal funds to sesmithwrites at gmail dot com to make a one-time donation if you happen to have some cash lying around or you particularly love a given post. You can also support me on Gittip, which is a grassroots funding model that encourages people to give as much as they feel like to support creators they love. In addition, I’ve joined Patreon, which allows you to pay a set fee per post (you can set a limit if you’re worried about exceeding a budget). At Patreon, I have some fun rewards for donors — again, I will never charge for content, but I wanted a little extra way to say thank you.

I also have some funding goals outlined at Patreon, including the possibility of vlogs! By donating at any level, you can help me reach those goals and enrich the content here. If you have suggestions or ideas for other things you’d like to see on this ain’t livin’ (a return of my daily links, perhaps?) or additional rewards you’d be interested in (signed grocery store receipts?), let me know! I want this to be an interactive project for all of us.

Thank you so much for being a reader, whether you just started yesterday or you’ve been here for years.

— s.e.