In the Garden: Dispatches From the FUTURE!

I’d love to tell you all about what’s doing in the garden this month, as is my wont on the first, except for a small problem: I’m in a different hemisphere, living in the future. Today I’m on Stewart Island, which is just off the very tip of New Zealand’s South Island, where it is absolutely lovely…and far, far from my garden!

Way back on the other side of the international date line, I suspect things are moving along quite nicely although I hear it’s been storming, so things may be a bit soggy. Likely the cats are getting a bit irritated as well.

Here, it looks more like this:

Sunset over Lake Te Anau.

That’s a beautiful sunset over Lake Te Anau, where I was last week. Next week, I’ll be heading into Christchurch, where I’m looking forward to seeing what I hear is a lively city in recovery from a series of terrible earthquakes. From there, we shall see what fate, immigration and customs, and Air New Zealand have in store for me!