In the Garden: Fragile Flowers

November is one of my favourite months of the year, when fall finally gets it together and starts raining (although sadly we saw precious little rain) and the leaves give it up for a bad job and finally fall while the evergreens gird their loins against winter, and a few daring flowers venture out into the growing cold and short days, like these:

Red flowers in a terra cotta pot.

A spray of small yellow flowers.

Whitish-lavender flowers in a terra cotta pot

Lavender flowers and a twining vine in a terra cotta pot. Small blades of what looks like grass but are actually bulbs are just peeping out.

They’re refusing to give up the ghost and I for one am proud of them, especially those potted plants which have been blooming steadily for several months now despite the fact that the deer think they’re an appealing snack. In that last one, you’ll notice what might look like grass, but those are actually some really confused bulbs from last year that seem to think it’s a good idea to come up in November. Good luck with that, dudes.

A bushel of narcissus bulbs.

Speaking of which, this is a bushel of narcissus bulbs, in case you were wondering, and it contained an estimated 380 bulbs before I planted. Them all. By hand.

So there should be a lot of great bulbs blooming come spring!