In the Garden: Slow September

September in the garden was a month marked by everything getting steadily crispier, the last of the flowers gasping out ’til the bitter end, and me chasing deer away from the few remaining green things in the yard. A few things stubbornly kept going despite the depredations of the deer and the dry weather, and the end of the month was marked by a beautiful spurt of lovely rain, which kindly held off until after my friends’ wedding on the 28th of the month. (The timing really was perfect, it started sort of heavily spitting right as we were doing toasts on Saturday night.)

Heliotrope and other purple flowers blooming in a terra cotta pot

My heliotrope is doing very well, looking all purple and smelling delightful. If it continues to thrive in defiance of the deer, I might plant some more.

A praying mantis on a flowering shrub.

A very large praying mantis stopped by for a visit. September was the month of massive insects—Loki found himself a massive dragonfly to slay at one point as well.

A large bowl of luscious tomatoes

These tomatoes are actually from my landlords’ garden, but they kindly let me eat some, and eat them I did. The thing about tomatoes is that once you start eating them out of the garden, the grocery store ones are just not an option. Which means that I only really get to eat tomatoes a few months out of the year, when they are seasonal and people I know have some going to spare, and thus I enjoy every single one with an ardent passion.

Dahlias, ferns, and roses arranged on the cake table at a wedding.

Here is proof that a wedding did in fact occur: I did that flower arrangement! I did not provide the flowers, however.