In the Garden: Bulbs Hanging On

June is usually the point at which the garden starts gasping, in no small part because I can be a somewhat neglectful waterer—I freely admit that I am not always on top of it when it comes to remembering that the plants need some delicious refreshing liquid to do their plant thing. That’s compounded by being extremely busy, and the fair amount of time it takes to water the whole garden. I may need to consider investing in some irrigation.

At any rate, some plants rose above, defying their often dry state to bloom anyway. This heather comes out in force every June and looks glorious with its tiny pink flowers:

Pink heather in bloom, tiny bell-like flowers glowing in the sun.

The gladiolus, which started in May, kept going. I love the magenta shade, and these two bloomed fiercely although they ended up a bit lopsided because I didn’t stake them:

A rich magenta gladiolus

Two gladiolus stalks, one featuring magenta flowers, the other a paler pink shade.

And the last of the Asiatic lilies kept a game face on; this one is a pale pink that I actually rather love, although I wasn’t expecting to.

A pink Asiatic lily in full bloom.

Meanwhile, I finally collected my lupine seeds, dried them, and packaged them for next year, in addition to handing out a few packages to friends. I’m interested to see what comes up from these seeds, because my lupines are quite, er, promiscuous, and came up in such a rainbow of amazing colours this year.

Lupine stalks laid out on a brick patio to dry.

Looking down the barrel of August, I anticipate more long, dry days—and the arrival of the naked ladies.