Hear Me Speak, Read Me Write

Two items of potential interest to you, gentle readers!

Item the first: Anna Hamilton and I are in the Frontier issue of Bitch Magazine, with ‘Access & Praxis—disability at the digital frontier.’ We cowrote it and she illustrated it. It’s pretty awesome. If you want to hear us talk about it, you can check out Bitch Magazine’s Friday podcast this week!

Item the second: I’ll be appearing at USC on 22 March at 8pm (venue TBD) with a talk followed by a Q&A on the desexualisation of people with disabilities, looking at social attitudes about disability and sexuality and how these attitudes play out in the wider community as well as in queer spaces. The event is sponsored by the Queer and Ally Student Assembly and I hope to see you there; the venue will be accessible and we’re working on sign language interpretation. If you have specific accommodations requests or concerns, please email me (sesmithwrites at gmail dot com).