In the Garden: Eating My Way Through the Vegetables, Continued Patio Adventures

Oh, August. You were mostly hot and dry and the lawn sizzled up to a crisp, with the last remnants of green grass under the treeline finally giving up the ghost with a desperate, sad sort of sigh. A few flowers gamely kept on, things in the vegetable garden got bigger, and other flowers started to wilt; the Shasta daisies went from a nice bright white patch to a ragged mess.

But things grew, nonetheless!

Lettuce in a barrel

I’ve been picking the lettuce by the leaf, which is why it looks a tad ragged. It is very tasty. As you can see, the amaranth is so heavy it is starting to pull itself over. (This cultivar is called ‘love lies bleeding’ which is starting to be very apt now that the long, trailing stalks are brushing against the ground.)

Ears of Corn on the stalk

Your eyes do not deceive you! The corn is, in fact, developing ears, and the tallest stalks are to my shoulders. This is less of an accomplishment than it sounds when you know how tall I am. There were just enough foggy days in August that I was doubting the corn’s ability to get it together, and was quite impressed when ears appeared. We shall see if they actually develop, or if they give up the ghost before they get there.

The Patio, surrounded by immature plantings

We finished the patio in July just in time for me to add it to the gardening post, as astute readers may recall, and in August, I established some plantings, which are, as yet, not very mature[1. Incidentally, if someone tells you dahlias are deer resistant, you have my permission to laugh in that person’s face and then wave a dead cod in a threatening manner.]. As you can see, the previously existing¬†Amaryllis is quite pleased with the situation.

Sage and other plants in beds around my patio

Here are the plantings from another angle, and a closeup of the Salvia flowers:

Blue Salvia flower, a very intense dark blue

And finally, the infamous parrot’s beak, which keeps going, and going, and going. We’re on the third set of flowers thus far!

Parrot's Beak; an assortment of orange-yellow flowers starting to bloom against pale green foliage.

Finally, speaking of gardening, as some of my readers may know, City Council member Jere Melo was shot and killed this weekend while investigating reports of an illegal marijuana/opium grow. I have commentary up on the case at Comment is free, along with a followup note, since a number of people drastically misread the Comment is free piece and kindly took time out of their days to tell me all about it.

Legalisation advocates do themselves no favours when they attempt to distance themselves from the problems with marijuana in Northern California; Melo’s death, other deaths that have occurred here, the environmental problems, the grow houses, all of these things are evidence that the system we have is not working and is in urgent need of reform. These things are clearly compelling evidence for decriminalisation if not full legalisation.

If people could grow openly and safely under a consistent national drug policy that treated marijuana like other crops, like tobacco, for example, Fort Bragg wouldn’t be mourning Jere Melo right now. Assuming that people critical of the current state of the marijuana industry are pro-criminalisation is ridiculous; while some certainly are pro-criminalisation, I and many others are simply commenting with our eyes wide open on a growing social problem that has a clear and evident solution. We are on your side, and we’re presenting much more compelling arguments for legalisation than lies about how marijuana is mostly mom and pop operations that don’t cause harm.