This Is Entirely Shameless Self-Promotion

My series with Anna at Bitch Magazine has started! You can read our intake interview here, where we discuss what the series is, and why we’re doing it, and all that other good stuff.

Anna:…people are afraid of mental health conditions. They see things on TV and decide that that is what “crazy” is. This can lead to stigmatizing people they know who are out about having a mental health condition, but it can also lead to people being afraid to get treatment or just seek help because they don’t want to be like that. It took me nearly a decade of trying to handle my untreated mental health condition before I sorted out that it wasn’t like that. The stigma as portrayed on TV and as perceived by everyone around me, including myself, led to years of additional misery that I didn’t need. I think these things matter.

‘We’re All Mad Here’ will be running for the next eight weeks, and we have an assortment of rather exciting things planned, so it would be lovely to see you there.

Issue two of Longshot Magazine features a piece, ‘There’s a lot of waiting at the end,’ by yours truly. You can order your very own copy of issue two if you want!

“Do you have another card?” she asked, as a woman with a poodle battled her way through the door into the waiting room. A gust of hot, dusty air swirled in along with the sounds of passing traffic outside. I wanted to run out the door, kick off my shoes, and streak barefoot down Franklin Street.