In the Garden: Consider This Home Improved

July was an exciting month in the garden, despite various setbacks and it being, you know, not my all-time favourite month ever. I planted a bunch of new things, and that big hole at the bottom of last month’s garden post turned into a most excellent and fabulous patio, about which I am immensely pleased.

But first, ornamental plants:

A plant with small blueberries and spiky green leaves. It is not a blueberry, though.

My landlords have one of these and I like it so much that I decided to plant one too. Because I am a copycat. Meow.

Potted plants, of various colours

I also potted some plants to make the side porch more lively and exciting. The herbs you may remember from last month, although they are much larger now! They have really been liking the warm weather, and me remembering to water them. Go me.


These lilies were here when I moved in, and they weren’t really doing anything. So I was sort of considering taking them out and replacing them with something else, and then, BAM, this happened. So I’m glad that I was too lazy to take them out.


This heather was also established when I moved in, and it is doing very well. I was never really that into heather, as a plant, but I’m starting to dig it. I love the little flowers.

Wine barrel planters with vegetables in them

The gophers have won. Next year, I will be doing all wine barrel planters in the veggie garden. For this year, I added just a few to get a second crop of vegetables in before the end of the summer. Incidentally, it is possible to fit two half wine barrels into a Volkswagen Beetle, if anyone was curious.


You see this picture and you say, wait, this is the same picture from last month, but you are wrong. The corn just hasn’t grown in a month. So I think it is safe to call this year’s corn experiment a failure, although I am going to keep trying. And I have learned some lessons which I will apply next year when I repeat the experiment.

An itty-bitty lemon cucumber.

In happier news, look at this adorable lemon cucumber! There are a couple that are starting to ripen up, and I am tickled pink.

And now…

…seriously you have no idea how excited I am…

A brick patio

My patio! Let me show you it! This used to be just…dirt right off the back door. And now it is a glorious, glorious patio that I will lounge upon, like a lizard. It matches the one by the front door, yay symmetry. I’m sorry the light is less than fabulous, but the marine layer came in about halfway through the day and refused to budge, so, there you go.

Parrot's Beak: Orange flowers with silvery green foliage.