In the Garden: May Flowers

The garden really exploded with growth this month, after lots of rain and some stretches of sun. The end of the month was rather rainy so I didn’t get a chance to take great photos, and thus most of these images are from the first half of May, before things really got going.

Yellow!: A spray of yellow flowers

Budding: A spray of white flowers

I planted these bulbs back in November with the rest and they’re late bloomers, but it was definitely worth the wait! They are very pretty.

'Golden Gate' Rhododendron: A rhododendron with pink flowers tinged with orange and pink

This is actually a photograph from a garden tour, but I’m including it here because I planted one of these; it’s a ‘Golden Gate’ rhododendron and the flowers are really quite lovely. The one I planted is very wee yet, and thus doesn’t look terribly exciting.

Douglas Iris: A single purple iris

Meanwhile, wildflowers are out in force. Here’s a Douglas iris.

Spots and Throats: A closeup of digitalis or foxglove, showing pink flowers with delicate spotted throats

Digitalis. There’s a nice little cluster of these out the back door.

Poppy: A California poppy

These poppies volunteered in my front flowerbed, and I’m not complaining seeing as how the salvia died in the frost.

In vegetableland:

Lemon Cucumber: Two rows of lemon cucumber seedlings

I really need to thin my lemon cucumbers! I went a little overboard when I seeded.

Green Onions: Tiny green onion shoots

The green onions are growing slowly, but making headway.

Lettuce Mix: Tiny lettuce plants

And the lettuce now is about twice as large as it was when I took this photo, while the bok choy have reached baby bok choy stage, so I can start eating them! Which I will do with pleasure at lunch today.