In the Garden: Veggies! (And, Like, Other Stuff Too)

The endless wet of March gave way to mostly sunny days in April, which made it increasingly hard to stay inside and work, let me tell you. Fortunately there was lots to do in the garden, including repeatedly mowing the lawn to keep the grass from exploding, weeding, and lolling among the flowerbeds.

Fortunately, I had help. Meet my garden assistants:

Heads of the Impatient: Two horses lean their heads over a gate with interest.

Karrot and Additur (aka Pesky) hang out in our pasture for part of the year and they have been immensely lovely to have around, as is their pal Sierra. Not least because when they spend a lot of time over here, the deer find somewhere else to be.

Speaking of deer, I’d invite you over to see this beautiful columbine in person, but they ate it. So here, have a picture.

Columbine: A purple columbine flower, just emerging from its bud.

For some reason, they have been leaving the freesia mostly alone, which is excellent, because I really like the scent:

Freesia: A spray of red freesia.

Someone on Twitter kindly identified this plant for me and I promptly forgot, but it’s pretty neat:

Leaves and Flowers: A plant with bright red new leaves, older dark green leaves, and sprays of white flowers.

It was here when I moved in, I can’t claim any credit.

Veggies! I planted mesclun mix, bok choy, green onions, lemon cucumbers, and experimental basil. Seeds aren’t very exciting to photograph after you plant them because, you know, all you can see is dirt, but the mesclun mix obligingly started to germinate:

Future Mesclun Mix: Tiny little green leaves emerging from the soil.

As did the bok choy:

Future Bok Choy: A single tiny shoot.

I also have plans to do carrots, but in a container, because holy shit, people, if my dad’s is Club Med for gophers[1. Speaking of which, did y’all catch Ailanthusaltissima’s fantastic fanart based on that post?], my house is, I don’t even know, Hedonism for gophers? I’ve got a bounty out on their heads and the neighbourhood cats still can’t keep up. I was lying on the porch reading a book the other day and one of them had the audacity to pop up, look at me, and then disappear. About 30 seconds later, I watched one of the lupines just vanish. It’s war, gophers.