The Jasmine Project: Fair Weather Friends

Watching jasmine grow is considerably more exciting than watching paint dry, right? For those unfamiliar with it, I started the jasmine project when I put in several jasmine vines last summer, to track their growth. The goal is to eventually cover the fence between the neighbour’s house and mine so we don’t have to look at each other all the time, and to create at least the illusion that I am not surrounded on all sides by people.

The last of the decent weather is winding down, after a summer that didn’t really have much good weather to begin with. We got a burst of sunny and nice days after the equinox, but the shortening is upon us, which means the jasmine is probably going to start going into dormancy pretty soon.

North: A tangle of jasmine vines and flowers in the shade.

The plant to the north is growing a number of long tendrils and it’s also starting to branch out, making the start of a dense wall of greenery. Not dense enough for my tastes just yet, but hopefully soon…

Middle: Clusters of jasmine flowers hang in front of a trellis.

The plant in the middle is still merrily flowering away. Some days, I can smell the jasmine, which is very exciting, and infinitely preferable to Other Odours that drift through the windows.

Under the Peach: Jasmine vines and flowers at the top of a trellis, the sun looming in the background.

‘Under the peach’ is starting to seem like a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it?

South: Jasmine buds, seen through the trellis.

The plant to the south is still looking a little burned, although this particular shoot is in good shape.

Looking North: Jasmine flowers in focus in the foreground, a tangle of green in the background.

Another view of the tree under the peach, which is doing very well!