The Jasmine Project: Fall Is In the Air

It’s finally starting to feel like fall, which primarily means that it’s sunny and warm, and an excellent time of year to be spending lots of time outdoors. Or, if you are like me, looking wistfully outdoors and wishing you could be there instead of hunched over a screen.

It also means that the leaves on the maples are just starting to turn:

The Turning Begins: Japanese maple leaves tinged with purple.

To the south, some flowering is happening. This plant has some dead foliage, which I think might be because of the very direct sun exposure, although I don’t remember this being a big problem last year. Hopefully it will recover over the winter.

South: Jasmine flowers on a trellis

Under the peach, more buds. This plant is getting so large that the vines are starting to double over the top of the trellis and trail back down.

Under the Peach: Jasmine buds in the shade.

In the middle, we’re seeing the same thing, with the vines spilling over the top. Unfortunately, all my shots ended up being too visually busy, because everything is so green right now, so I settled for some new growth.

Middle: Tender new jasmine shoots.

And to the north, lots of progress as well, including this tendril under the walnut tree which keeps merrily pressing on against all odds.


In a few months, everything is going to lose its leaves, and we’ll see how much privacy the jasmine actually provides in the winter. Not as much as I would like it to at this point, I suspect.