Glee: At Least I Liked the Suits

I watched Glee this week with Lauredhel, under the argument that it would be more bearable with someone else, which it was, mainly because we got to have witty exchanges like this:

(7:13:56 PM) lauredhel: WHAT THE FUCK
(7:14:00 PM) meloukhia: I think I am behind
(7:14:37 PM) meloukhia: W#QR#U(@!UP
(7:14:42 PM) meloukhia: I think we just caught up
(7:14:52 PM) lauredhel: WHAT IS GOING ON
(7:14:57 PM) meloukhia: WHAT THE FUCK

This week on Glee: Women are manipulative temptresses who induce schools into sex rioting because apparently men cannot control themselves around them. Yes, really. I mean, seriously, we had to have the corridor harassment scene, Jacob catcalling from the stands, and that completely bizarre scene with Sue and Jacob and the…naked I mean wait what really? What the FUCK happened on this episode of Glee, I am asking you, because I do not know. I note that it was written by Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, and also the mastermind behind personal favourites of mine like ‘Laryngitis‘ and ‘Wheels.’

The handling of women on this show is often abysmal, and it sunk to new depths in this episode. We had Shu and the dentist fighting over Emma like she’s a bone they can just break up between themselves as it suits them to remind us that women are property, Rachel consumed with jealousy over Finn to remind us that women are jealous and insecure, and Finn lecturing Rachel on how she was dressing to remind us that women are property and they should only dress pretty for their men. Like, seriously, I loved how they tried to spin that as feminist with Finn suggesting that she was being objectified (even though he didn’t know that was the word to use), and how Finn telling Rachel what to do is soooooo feminist because he just doesn’t want her classmates to objectify her when she wears a short skirt and a cropped top. Nothing says ‘feminism’ like policing what women wear and then having a character refer to herself as a ‘clown hooker’!

Let’s talk about how they threw a ‘cripple’ right out of the gate in the opening sequence, made a bizarre point of claiming that wheelchair users can’t look at themselves in the mirror (what are they, vampires?), and played up the football=masculinity theme to the max. Finn and Artie both want on the team because their manhood is, what, incomplete without football? The way this show handles masculinity is simultaneously fascinating and horrifying to me; I don’t see the show as depicting different facets and manifestations of masculinity, I see it reinforcing very specific stereotypes about what it means to be a man, and about gay men, and I don’t like these stereotypes one bit as they play out on the small screen.

Did we all see the parallels here, as the teens went out for football to reclaim their manhood, while Shu attempted to reform himself to be more like the dentist as his way of winning back his girl? And then we had the big heartwarming speech about not being accepted as he really was? My takeaway here was that a failure to perform masculinity means you don’t get the girl.

And the return of Terry? How did we like the fun-spoiling ex-wife storming up in the parking lot (in furs, of course), complete with the comment about ‘crazy’ in reference to Emma which was clearly meant to be hilarious since, as we all know, Terry is the crazy one! Hahaha. I’m laughing on the inside really I am.

I was also very unhappy with the repeated confusion between anesthesia/sedation (two very different things), Shu referring to nitrous as a ‘dangerous narcotic,’ oh, and being under sedation without a chaperone, as Lauredhel pointed out, is kinda creepy. The whole plotline with the dentist was just all kinds of ridiculous, I mean, yes, I know that people use nitrous recreationally but I had huge problems with the handling of that on the show and it also just seemed completely unnecessary. As we all know, doctors totally hand out nitrous like candy, right?¬†They wanted to facilitate ridiculous dream sequences, there were plenty of other ways to do that. And the roofie joke? Oh so classy, I mean, this is the kind of thing I personally watch television for.

Plus, the music was just bad.

But, you know what I did like? The suits. Kurt was wearing a very snappy one in one scene, and Santana with that delicious cold wave and that snazzy white suit was swoonalicious, like, seriously, I saw a whole new side of her in that little number. However, it does not escape my notice that the first seriously heavy flirting and sexuality between Santana and Brittany happened in a dream sequence, not real life. But, seriously. The suits were nice.