Bones: The Mastodon in the Room

Quick hit on last night’s Bones season premiere, because, well, I watched it, and I was singularly unimpressed. If this is what we can expect from Bones this season, I think it’s going to be grim going. Be advised that this post contains spoilers for ‘The Mastodon in the Room.’

This episode of Bones was evidently the ‘all ladies are selfish’ edition, with a healthy heaping of ‘good thing Booth was around to save the day.’ Seriously, Bones, this is where you are going to take this show? The entire episode consisted of beating us over the head with how evil and selfish Brennan was for choosing to pursue her professional career. How she ruined everything and how self-involved she was. Likewise, Daisy by extension was selfish for choosing to go with her.

People, women choosing to pursue their careers and their areas of career interest are not being selfish. The way this episode turned out makes me really glad they backed off on the Brennan having a baby plot, because I can only imagine the scorn she would have been heaped with for being as selfish as to choose to have a child.

I mean, seriously? They spent an entire episode punishing Brennan for, you know, being a forensic anthropologist and wanting to pursue her original area of study, early human societies? Booth wasn’t scolded for wanting to work in Afghanistan. On the contrary, he was heralded as a hero and lauded for saving the day; Carolyn literally calls him a white knight.

I also noted two very obvious instances of racism in this episode. There was the opener with Brennan, Daisy, and the¬†guerrillas. Brennan really had to go with the ‘we must show the natives we are women by flashing our hair!’ routine? And Daisy felt it was necessary to strip down to her underwear? Truly? The sheer level of ignorance and bigotry there was quite breathtaking.

Then we have the scene where Booth, confronted with a woman who says she doesn’t speak very good English, starts talking really loudly. People. People. People. How many of us truly believe that when you are speaking to someone in a language that person doesn’t speak/understand, or doesn’t understand well, that TALKING REALLY LOUDLY is going to make you intelligible? I get that this is kind of how Booth is, but, honestly? After years of investigating criminal cases, Booth hasn’t mastered a pretty basic piece of information about interrogations, namely, that shouting at people who don’t speak English well is not actually productive?

Finally, I cannot let this quick hit pass without mentioning the obvious and gratuitous fat shaming swipe Brennan took at Carolyn. It’s, you know, a theme through the series, that she’s got some fat bigotry going on, but, seriously? Claiming that Carolyn’s brain doesn’t function as well on the basis of her size and the presumed attitude that she must not exercise? Really?!