The Jasmine Project: I Parched the Garden

So, something sort of bad happened to the garden last month. I got very busy and distracted and it got very hot and I sort of didn’t water for several days and things got very unhappy. I took these pictures at the height of the careless-gardener-induced drought. Things are perking up now since I started watering regularly, but the southernmost jasmine may have had a serious setback.

Here’s the northernmost plant:

A jasmine plant climbing a trellis. It is partially shaded and the vines are sprawling everywhere.

As you can see, it’s pretty much thriving. It’s starting to branch out much more, instead of just climbing, and it doesn’t seem to mind being seriously overshadowed by the Japanese maple and the walnut tree. I’m glad that this plant is doing so well, since it’s the one that will eventually be screening the bedroom from view, and it would be really nice to have it thoroughly and healthily leafed by fall, when the trees drop their leaves and the house loses most of its camouflage.

The middle jasmine:

A jasmine plant charging straight up a trellis.

It’s doing ok? It seems to be a big sluggish, but that might be because I am unfairly comparing it to the other plants. It is definitely not growing as fast as I would like, but, on the other hand, it’s also not perishing or anything. It’s just sort of diddling around. Not branching out nearly as much as its buddies, which is a pity, because I am really tired of looking at the neighbour’s laundry room.

Under the peach:

A jasmine plant climbing a trellis and fighting for room with peach branches. The vines are thick and dense.

This vine has really made a comeback. I really thought it wasn’t going to make it when I first transplanted, and now it is super robust. Over the last month in particular, it exploded, growthwise. Those grasses you see growing so very tall are on the neighbour’s side of the fence and I don’t really feel like going over there right now to pull them out because, well, I am not feeling very motivated. But I will. Soon. I swear.


A jasmine plant climbing a trellis. Some of the vines are clearly burned or wilting.

Some of the vines here were badly burned. I think that’s because, before the great drought, I watered once around noon, when it was way too hot, and the leaves got burned because they got covered in water. So, yeah, not doing that anymore. Exercising discipline and watering in the cool of the day. (Which is better for water usage as well because not as much water is lost to evaporation.)

I know that jasmine likes heat, so I hope that the plants really get busy this summer to provide a nice evergreen privacy screen by fall!