The Jasmine Project: Three Years In the Hobbit House

I just marked the end of my third year in my house (how time flies). The garden has definitely come a long way from the pile of weeds it was when I moved in, in part I think because it’s so tiny; it’s easy to garden extravagantly and extensively when your garden is approximately the size of a postage stamp. Looking back, I think I would do some things differently, and a few things are a bit overrun, but overall I am pretty happy with it. I just wish the jasmine had grown faster so that I could enjoy more privacy this summer!

My garden in the afternoon. Shadows are falling across a green groundcover with tiny blue flowers, and there are two Japanese maples in view. In the background, a low fence separates my yard from the neighbors.

Here’s a long view. That almost washed out green thing in the background is one of the Japanese maples. It is really going to town. I think I need to prune when they go dormant but I don’t know if I can bear to do it.

A jasmine plant, viewed in the afternoon. It is photographed against the same low fence seen in the previous image, and the vines are very densely clustered. A few sprays of flowers are visible.

Despite the fact that the neighbors keep weedwhacking the young shoots when they stray over the fence (it’s accidental, not malicious), the jasmine plant to the south is doing very well. It’s getting quite thick!

A closeup of a spray of jasmine flowers.

And is flowering very robustly right now.

A different jasmine plant, against the same fence. It is not quite as thickly branched as the plant above, but still looks very healthy.

Under the peach, things are chugging along.

A sideways view of a white net trellis, showing several jasmine vines climbing up it.

I am really looking forward to the day when the white netting is almost totally covered by the jasmine. That day is not today, sadly. On the plus side, the two vines in the middle of the image have both overtopped the bar at the top of the trellis and they were waving about quite fetchingly when I took these pictures. I wonder if they will eventually bend over and trellis back down, or if they will start climbing the walnut tree that overshadows the garden.

Another sideways view of the trellis, showing a different plant. This one covers more of the trellis. A Japanese maple is leafing out to the right of the image. In the background, the plant discussed above can be seen, and two small tendrils are indeed waving over the top of the trellis.

Here’s the plant to the north. The maple, as you can see, is butting right up against the trellis.

A shot of the top of the trellis, showing a jasmine vine reaching towards a walnut branch. In the bottom of the frame, part of a palm tree can be seen.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the jasmine might start climbing the walnut! Also, as you can see, the palm tree snuck into this shot. It has a way of doing that. It’s in the neighbor’s front yard.