The Jasmine Project: May Day!

My garden, currently looking like an impenetrable wall of green with some purple bits sticking out.

Long view of the garden…as you can see, the Japanese maples are really happy.

A jasmine plant with numerous vines moving up a trellis.

The southernmost plant is moving right along…lots of new growth and little fits of greenery everywhere.

New growth, viewed in closeup.

Under the peach, things are really starting to fill out. Unfortunately, the angle of the sun was such that all my photos came out with glaring balls of fire in the middle, so you’ll have to settle for this one.

A shot from a low angle, showing jasmine vines trellising robustly.

The middle jasmine, meanwhile…

A jasmine tendril waving above the top of the trellis.

Has overtopped the trellis. Those are some peach leaves in the foreground.

Clusters of jasmine buds, with one fully flowering.

Flowers are starting to pop up everywhere; this one is on the northernmost plant, which is almost buried behind a Japanese maple!

A jasmine vine winding through a gate.

It’s putting tendrils out in interesting places. This is the low gate between the neighbors’ house and mine.

My garden, viewed from the neighbors' side. Jasmine can be seen trellising and Japanese maples are very, very green.

I sat on the gate to lean over and take this shot, showing the northernmost jasmine from the other side.

My garden is *really* green. These photos are reminding me of that. It’s a little fierce.