The Jasmine Project: Springtime in the Garden

Spring doesn’t properly begin for three weeks, although I understand that 1 March is the first day of autumn for at least some of our friends in the southern hemisphere. At any rate, over the weekend I did a little bit of work in the garden, mainly battling with the weeds which are growing like, well, weeds with the rain and periodic days of sunshine. Lesson learned, weeds: In the future, I will use weed barriers.

A long view of my garden, looking south to north. Japanese maples and the peach tree can be seen starting to leaf out, large lavender sprawls in the foreground, and a shed can be seen in the rear right. To the left, the porch.

Here’s what most of the garden looks like at the moment. (Calling it a “garden” is really kind of overkill because it’s more like a very small yard, as you can probably guess from this picture. The neighbors are on the other side of the fence.) In a month, this scene will look totally different because everything will have leaves. This view was taken viewing from south to north, but we’re going to wander north to south in this month’s installment of the jasmine project.

A closeup of a jasmine tendril looped around the top bar of the trellis. In the background, out of focus, the rest of the trellis and other tendrils can be seen.

As predicted, the northernmost plant has finally topped the bar at the top of the fence!

A closeup of a daffodil bud which has not yet bloomed. Long, spearlike leaves fall just out of focus in the background.

This daffodil is just about to pop open.

Very young Japanese maple leaves in bright yellow and red, still unfurling from their buds. In the background, several large stones can be seen against a mat of green creeping plants.

The maples are seriously leafing out.

Viewed from below, a young jasmine shoot is just reaching the top of the trellis.

The jasmine in the middle has also just managed to hit the top of the trellis.

A young jasmine shoot climbing up the trellis. Part of the vine loops out in a little twist.

The jasmine under the peach is growing rather nicely.

A group of daffodils which have not yet bloomed. A wooden fence is in the background and there is a blur of sunlight in the upper portion of the frame. Clumps of weeds are scattered around the bulbs.

More daffodils getting ready to roll. Also, weeds!

A bushy young jasmine plant against the same wooden fence from the previous image. In the background, the daffodils from the above image are viewed from the other side. There are kind of a lot of weeds.

Finally, the southernmost plant, shrubbing out rather nicely.