The Jasmine Project: After the Rains

We’ve had a heck of a lot of rain lately, combined with a little bit of sun, so I wasn’t really surprised to see that the jasmine bushes started rocketing off over the last few weeks. In addition to sending out some new shoots, they also filled out a lot more. They are starting to look much more solid. It gives me hope that this whole scheme may actually work out, and someday I will look out the window and see a rich wall of leafy green, instead of the neighbors.

A jasmine plant, starting to climb a fence and trellis and viewed through the bare branches of a Japanese maple.

Here’s the northernmost plant, with one of the maples in the foreground.

A jasmine tendril which has almost reached the top of the trellis

And look! It’s almost at the top of the trellis! I almost thought it might get there in time for this month’s Jasmine Project update, but it looks like we will have to celebrate next month.

A closeup of new growth, young jasmine leaves unfurling against a wooden fence.

Here’s some new growth on the middle plant, which is also very close to reaching the top of the trellis, and may in fact be there by next month as well!

Tightly furled jasmine flowerbuds, still pink.

And thinking about flowering, as you can see here.

A young jasmine plant, viewed from above. It is thick with bright green new growth.

The plant under the peach is really starting to take off. Lots of new growth.

A young jasmine plant, viewed from the side. Two vines are trellising around themselves as they climb.

It was really hard to get a good picture of the plant to the south because there was a giant pile of POO which some animal had left and not even bothered to cover up in the soil which I had just worked a few days before. Thanks, animal!

Jasmine buds in the sun, still tightly closed and brushed with pink.

Alas, these flowerbuds had not yet opened to cover up the smell of the poo.

Young daffodils pushing up through the ground.

Bonus garden picture: My daffodils are coming up rather earlier than I expected. My crocuses are not coming up at all. RIP, crocuses. (And tulips, which apparently were fated to bloom once and never again.)