Thursday Night Homemaking

After a bit of an unplanned hiatus, my Thursday night posts with pictures from old magazines continue!

This week, two treasures from the trove passed on by Linnea: A mail order crafting pattern and some selections from a recipe book by Carnation promoting “New Velvetized Carnation” from 1966.

A mail order pattern from Extension Magazine Home Arts Service, date unknown.   Photo shows several pieces of paper layered on top of each other. The bottom piece is the pattern itself, printed on transparent paper and stamped Pattern No. 5144 by Alice Brooks. The middle piece of paper is the directions, labeled Wool Picture Pattern 5144 and showing a smaller scale version of the pattern, which depicts a country house surrounded by a lush garden. A color key to the side shows which colors belong where, and various stitches are demonstrated below the image. The directions themselves are obscured by the third piece of paper, the envelope the pattern came in, which has a return address marked: Contents: Merchandise Postmasters: This parcel may be opened for inspection if necessary Extension Magazine Home Arts Service 82 Eighth Avenue New York N.Y. Return Postage Guaranteed. The postmark in the upper right corner shows that it is postmarked New York and that postage cost one cent.

If anyone would be tinkled pink to actually MAKE this, please let me know and I will mail you the pattern! In the meantime, glory at the Wool Picture, my friends.

(For reasons unknown to me, WordPress is REFUSING to allow me to add alt text to this image. Just this one. No idea why. Anyway, if you click through, you can access the alt text/description on the photo’s Flickr page. I’m really sorry!)

What this cookbook definitely needed was more orange. I do think it’s a little weird that it was a promotional tool for Carnation, and it wasn’t done in Carnation’s colours. Nor is there a Carnation logo anywhere on the front or back. You must open it up to see which treasures lie within!

Image depicts a full page spread with a full color photograph of what appears to be a cream of mushroom soup or casserole in the foreground. We can see a hand emptying a can of Carnation evaporated milk into the dish, which is sitting on an orange stove, and in the background small orange bowls of vegetables are sitting on the counter next to some whole mushrooms. A cutting board just beyond shows partially sliced onions, mushrooms, and a knife.  Text overlaid across the top of the image reads: The wise mortgage-minder discovers bright new ways to serve less expensive vegetables! Try a hint of herbs, the tang of cheese and Carnation. New Velvetized Carnation adds saucy goodness to corn, peas or beans...makes creamed spinach in minutes....and does something delicious to zucchini or carrots.

Like this! The ad copy on this is truly spectacular. “Saucy goodness,” for example. And “does something delicious to…”