The Jasmine Project: A New Decade

All of that cold didn’t seem to stop the jasmine vines from growing up up up during December. It must have been just rainy and just sunny enough for the plants to be generally happy, which is delightful, although I would like them to grow faster because I am now really tired of looking at the neighbors’ house. It’s actually a pretty nice house, to be fair. I just don’t like looking at it. (And remember, that’s the whole point of the jasmine project, is to create a wall of delicious green which will obscure my neighbors’ house from view.)

A growing jasmine plant in the sun, trellising up a string trellis.

Our plant to the north is still leading the pack. It’s now reaching up five vertical bits of the ugly trellis! At this rate the tower of jewels in the other yard will be taller very soon.

A growing jasmine plant in the sun, viewed from above. A spurt of new growth is visible in the middle of the image.

The middle plant, getting some new growth out.

The same plant, from a different angle, viewed straight on. Two vines can be seen trellising, and a shed is visible in the background.

As you can see, it is also getting its trellis on.

A closeup of new growth on a young jasmine plant, viewed against a weathered wooden fence.

The plant under the peach is still not doing very much. But there is new growth! Remember when I was going to tear it out in frustration? Aren’t we all glad I didn’t do that.

A young jasmine plant, viewed from the side. It is starting to trellis.

And our plant to the south, also starting to make serious trellis inroads.

Jasmine buds and new growth in closeup.

Yes. Jasmine flowers. In December! (I took these on Wednesday.)