Thursday Night Household

Gentlefolk of all genders, take a trip on the time machine with me to May, 1954 and the cover advertisements of Household Magazine, “the magazine of home service for 2,650,000 families.” Click through to embiggen, hover for a transcript, and away we gooooooooooooooooooo…

Full colour ad. Ad is dominated by an image of a brunette with her hair piled on top of her head, wearing bright red lipstick. One hand holds her hair up, while the other waves a tube of lipstick. She is wearing a smart powder-blue coat and pearls. In front of her, an array of Avon cosmetics including nail polish and blush.  A small box of text with a sidebar of two smiling women, both in blue, with a row of cosmetics in front of them, reads: Avon invites you to a try-on of new make-up   Sheer Mist Face light-textured that it veils your complexion in a sheer mist of beauty. 14 flattering shades to choose from!  Satin Sheen Lipstick...smooth as satin, gleams like satin, clings like satin, 15 marvelous shades.   Try on this new face power and lipstick. Your Avon Representative will also show you foundations, nail polish, eye make-up during your make-up try-on.   If you wish an Avon representative to call, please consult your phone directory.   Avon Cosmetics: Radio City, New York  Available only through your Avon Representative who calls at your home.   'Avon Calling' to offer you a try-on of new Satin Sheen Lipstick, at home, with the guidance of your friendly Avon Representative.

Full colour advertisement dominated by an image of a smiling brunette with hair pulled back, wearing loose jeans, a pink button down shirt, and red shoes. Her body faces the wall while her face and upper body turn towards the camera, and in her right hand, she's holding a paint roller covered in yellow paint. The wall behind her is partially painted, newspapers are on the floor to catch the drips, and there's a can of paint next to her.   Text reads:  Look for Lowe Brothers in New 'Picture' Packages  Wonderful way to paint  Here's excellent news to chase 'old wall blues'...just see how completely it covers! It's a paint without smell and takes scrubbings's that wonderful paint by Lowe Brothers.   Lowe Brothers Paints  Wonderful Colors! Wonderful paints for every purpose! Look for new 'picture' packages at your Lowe Brothers dealer--  Factories: Dayton, Oakland, Toronto  Style-tested colors for home and industry.  The bottom of the ad shows two more cans of paint with smiling women depicted on them, and a logo of a woman wearing a broad-skirted dress. The skirt looks like an assortment of fanned-out color samples.

Full colour advertisement, featuring an image of a smiling woman in a pink dress standing on some ocean headlands on a sunny day. A line of laundry snaps behind her in the breeze, and we can see wisps of cloud dancing on the horizon.   'The cleanest clean under the sun--new Tide clean!' is blazoned across the tip of the ad.   A text box below, with an illustration of Tide detergent, bearing the brand's distinctive orange and blue branding, reads:  New Tide with Reserve Cleaning Power  ...wonderful extra cleaning power to get your whole wash clean and fresh as an ocean breeze. What a beautiful sight when your wash is done! Everything, even problem wash comes out more than bright, more than white...really clean! So clean smelling, too...with a fresh air and sunshine cleanness you'll love. Yes, the cleanest clean possible is new Tide clean!

This may be the most amazing case of keyword stuffing I have ever seen. CLEAN!