The Jasmine Project: Growing Through the Fall

It’s time for another jasmine report! For those just tuning in, I planted some jasmine in late June, with the goal of having a trellis covered in evergreen loveliness between the neighbors and myself, because, well, I do not really enjoy looking at the neighbors and I want more privacy. I got modestly sized plants because I was assured that they would grow like weeds, which they are not, in fact, doing. But too late now, I guess. Anyway, once a month I check in to see how the jasmine is growing. (Tip: If you are planting jasmine, do not be a cheapskate and get small plants, get big ones, because then you will not have to stare at an ugly trellis AND your neighbors for months while you entreat the jasmine to grow faster.)

Although the weather has been murky, the plants have been reveling in it. Lots of rain, a few bouts of sun, and new shoots happening all over the place.

I always go north to south, so I thought I’d mix things up a bit and start with the plant to the south today:

A closeup of new shoots on a jasmine plant.

All of my full-plant shots turned out rather awful, so I just have a closeup of this one. As you can see, there is new growth!

A jasmine plant, shot from a low angle, trellising on a fence with blue sky behind it.

Look at my artful camera angle. Which conceals the fact that this plant under the peach is still not doing much of anything, but at least it is alive, right?

Another jasmine plant shot from a low angle, trellising on a fence. To the left of the image, a mirror can be seen reflecting autumn leaves. In the upper left corner, bare branches from an overhanging tree stand out against the blue sky.

This plant is just starting to climb the ugly trellis, but it isn’t too active otherwise. Spot the fall leaves hiding in the mirror?

A string trellis, with robust jasmine shoots climbing it.

To the north, growth continues apace. There’s even new growth on the new growth! Since this is the plant directly opposite my bedroom, I have decided that it’s ok that it is growing the fastest. Grow, little jasmine, grow! I look forward to the day when a picture taken in the same place reveals a wall of green, instead of icky trellis and ugly houses.