The Jasmine Project: Not A Whole Lot Goin’ On

Like I said in the title, not much going on, although things did perk up with the rain and all.

The exception to this is the plant to the North, which apparently really likes it there:

It’s growing so robustly that it has started trellising on itself. That’s talent.

The plant in the middle is just kind of hanging out. There’s one new shoot that literally shot out, you can see it in front (the pale one), but the rest of the plant isn’t doing much.

The plant under the peach, also not doing very much. Some new growth, but, yeah. I mean, it is fall, so I do expect some dormancy.

I thought this plant would be the happiest, because this is the sunniest part of the garden, but instead it seems pretty indifferent.

Some new growth.

That concludes this month’s Jasmine Report, which looks a lot like last month’s, I guess. I imagine December’s will be even more boring, because that’s what gardens do in the winter, is a whole lot o’ nothin’.