Burning Down the House

So, yesterday I noticed that things kind of smelled smoky, but I didn’t really pay attention until they started smelling really smoky, and then I went outside to see what was going on, because, you know, smoky smells are bad, and…

Yup. That’s our fire department, setting things on fire, because that’s what they like to do. No, actually, practice burns are an important part of fire training, and the local fire department always appreciates the donation of a structure to burn down. It was coming down anyway, so why not let the fire department handle it?

This being Fort Bragg, the event attracted quite a crowd.

I took around….400 pictures, and uploaded a fraction of that number. There’s a sampling of images here, and loads more over in the set I created at Flickr, for those who, like me, just can’t get enough of watching things on fire (when it’s a controlled burn and everyone is safe).

Incidentally, all of these photos look 900% cooler when you embiggen them on Flickr.