Reader Request

Hello, all! Reader Holly Kearl, who is collecting street harassment stories for a book, is looking specifically for stories from people with disabilities who have experienced street harassment because of their disability status.

Here’s what she has to say:

I’m writing a book on gender-based street harassment. One of my goals with this book is to share people’s  stories I’ve collected through an informal, anonymous online survey last fall and stories submitted to my and other anti-street harassment websites. While I’m working to share stories from people who are harassed for being or being perceived as female or feminine from all walks of life in every chapter, I am focusing one chapter solely on intersectionalities and how that can impact the type of comments and type of harassment they experience, illustrated by stories. For lack of space and because there’s at least some academic research on the intersection with street harassment, I’m focusing on the interesectionalities of race, sexual orientation, and dis/ability. As you may imagine, I have more than I can fit in my chapter on the first two and not a lot on dis/ability. For example, I have scores of stories where race and/or sexual orientation was mentioned or targeted as well as gender but I only have three stories from women who identify as disabled about how their disability can impact the type of harassment they receive. (I was shocked to hear from two of the women that many times men have simply moved them out of line or out of the men’s way when they’re in their wheelchairs.) I’d love to have more stories to draw from and share.

…If you have any resources you could recommend that may mention or address street harassment or any forums where I could solicit stories and thoughts on the topic, I would be very grateful. And if you have a story/ies or thoughts on the topic you’d want to/feel comfortable sharing, that would be great as well.

Readers who have resources to suggest may do in the comments. Readers who would like to submit street harassment stories may do so by following this link. People can share their stories anonymously if they would prefer not to identify themselves. Holly always welcomes street harassment stories in general, so if you have a story which is not directly related to disability status, she would be glad to receive it.