Bones: A Night at the Bones Museum

So, I finally got ’round to watching Bones today…and my Hulu queue is empty for the first time in weeks! Very exciting.

Anyway, this episode had a couple of things to unpack.

One of them was the intern of the week, Ms. Wick, brought back on probationary status after Sweets pleaded with Bones to give her a chance. One of the interesting things about Ms. Wick is that she’s neuroatypical, like Bones, but in a different way, and as a result, she grates on, well, everyone, including viewers. At the same time that I find myself being frustrated by her, though, I also empathize with her; she’s in a world with people who think and operate differently than she does, and it’s obviously tremendously frustrating.

I loved the scene in which she told Sweets off for infantalizing her by trailing her around at work to keep her out of trouble. She stuck up for herself in a really great way, and brought up a common problem experienced by neuroatypicals: The assumption that they must be lacking in intelligence because of the way they process information, think, and interact with people. Actually, as Ms. Wick points out, she’s quite smart, very aware of what’s going on, aware of the fact that people have trouble relating to her, and doesn’t appreciate the hovering.

And the scene in which she and Bones both get enthused about their discoveries was a great aha¬† moment in a lot of ways. It was a chance for viewers to also see that, you know, people who grate on you maybe won’t always grate on you, and that there are reasons for it. Ms. Wick is just excited about everything! She can’t help it! She’s working with awesome people! There’s so much to learn! So it was nice to see her again, in an odd way.

We also saw Booth’s jealousy coming out in full flower as Brennan with out with his boss…sigh…I knew they were going to pick up the romance thing again, but it still frustrates me and makes me sad. Everyone treats Brennan like a child because she hadn’t picked up on the fact that Booth likes her, which is also really annoying, speaking of disability issues and assumptions about neurotypicality, and…you know, it’s like it hasn’t occurred to any of them that maybe she’s not interested. I realize that’s not where the creative team is taking the show (would that they were) but I hate this thing on television where if one character is interested in another, it must mean that the object of the affection is also interested.

Speaking of sexuality, I haven’t mentioned this, but I specifically like that Angela is identifying as celibate, not as asexual. It’s a common confusion, the idea that if you’re not having sex, you’re asexual, so I’m glad that they haven’t made this mistake (so far). Angela is indeed celibate because she’s sexual, but not right now, and by choice. It’s kind of a subtle thing, but I dig it.

The plot of the show, involving a stolen mummy, was also kind of interesting, although they touched only topically on issues like the theft and mutilation of antiquities. The reason for the murder, as it turns out, was pure and simple greed, and I have to say that even though I know it’s a TV show, I couldn’t help but gasp at the thought of damaging a priceless artifact for money. It made me feel a bit sick, actually.

(Read Laura’s review of the episode over on Adventures of a Young Feminist, if you’d like a bit of a different take.)

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  1. I get a completely different take on the Booth/Bones relationship. I think Tempe has serious abandonment issues, which is why she has avoided commitment. Several episodes have shown her “evolving”: The Baby in the Bough; May I Hold Your Dog While You Cry; her reconnecting with her father; reconciling with Russ; Booth’s interaction with Parker; Angela in general; even the sessions with Sweets. I think she has supressed her emotional side for most of her life and is finally letting herself experience them. I thought she was disappointed both this week when the kiss didn’t happen and a couple of weeks ago when Booth said he loved her….as a partner. I’m a foolish, hopeful romantic. If David can’t be with Buffy, I’m happy if he’s with Bones! So shoot me. I’m standard issue white bread.

  2. I think you’re right that her character is evolving, and struggling with abandonment; I’m just so frustrated by the thought of them getting together because, well, I think it’s bad for the show, and that pisses me off. (Did you hear there’s talk of James Marsters doing a Bones guest spot?!)

  3. No, I missed that rumor. I’ve actually noticed several actors from Angel in roles on Bones. Since David is producing now, I figured he was tapping folks he’d worked with before. David & James, back together again. Now, that’s a match made in a serious fan’s fantasy.

    I guess I’m not as averse to a Booth/Bones connection because I love how they’ve grown together over the seasons. Each has expanded the other’s understanding of the world and each other. They are just GOOD together, regardless of the relationship – partners in crime fighting and/or something more personal.

    BTW – did you hear that Nathan Fillion will be costumed as Mal for the Castle Halloween show tonight? Ohhhh!

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