2009-2010 Eye Candy

So, new television is starting up again. This very week, in fact! Which means that I am probably going to be writing about television that’s on the air, rather than dissecting television that was on the air, and now is not. In the past, I’ve done a weekly roundup discussing television, but I think people weren’t very into that. And, frankly, I can see why; those posts were huge, which was kind of daunting, and it’s not very much fun to read about stuff as long as a week after it aired. My main reason for doing that was that I didn’t want television taking over, but I’ve decided at this point that I don’t really care if television takes over.

So, here’s how this is going to work.

I am not going to write about everything that I watch (not that I ever did), and I am not going to do a “Week in Television” post each week. Instead, I will be writing standalone posts when I do want to talk about a particular show. I will probably be writing about Dollhouse, Lie To Me, Glee, and FlashForward, which looks intriguing, on a regular basis. Once Lost picks up again in January, I will definitely be writing about that. I might talk about V and Bones. I will occasionally rant about Grey’s Anatomy, because it’s like some horribly addictive substance that I hate taking (watching) and yet take (watch) every week anyway even though I know that I’m going to spend an hour writhing and beating my fists into the floor.

I am going to try to have posts up about shows the day after they air. It might take two days sometimes. These posts are going to contain spoilers; the titles, however, will not, so if you haven’t watched something yet, you can just slide right on by and come back to the post later.

There will usually be a non-television post even on days when there is a television post, so those of you who have absolutely no interest in television can rest assured that there will be something for you to read here, most days.

Hopefully, this is going to be a system which works for everybody.

As always, the Eye Candy page lists television I’m watching (and television I’ve liked), and you can click on the name of any show to access an archive of posts about that show.

And, to the person who asked: Just because I’m writing about television a lot right now doesn’t mean I’m not reading. I’m reading just as many books this year as I did last year, I’m just not writing about very many of them. I got really burned out on talking about books after The Book Project, and reading for me is a private and kind of subversive act, which I am enjoying keeping more or less to myself. You can see a list of new books I’ve read and also liked recently in the sidebar; I update it now and then to bump off old books and put up new ones. I continue to welcome recommendations for new reading material, because I’m pretty much always looking for something new to read and the library is being extremely slow right now because of all the budget cuts, so I don’t have much of a book buffer at the moment. When you read a book or more a day, a lack of a buffer is a serious problem, as you can imagine.

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  1. Sounds great! I can’t wait for shows to start back up again. I’m planning on doing some similar stuff over at my blog as well. I’ll be excited to see how we interpret the shows the same or differently as I will also be writing about Dollhouse, Glee, and Bones…if not the other shows as well. Yay for television!

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