A Wild Encounter

My father, my Chinese mother, and I recently went on a stroll along the Haul Road to the Pudding Creek Bridge, in all its glory. While we were leaning over the rail of the bridge to look at the tiny tourists scampering below, I noticed what I thought was a bird at the corner of my eye. I actually thought it was an owl, from the profile, which was really mystifying, since it was the middle of the day and sunny. My father noticed it to, and we turned to look and realized it was a squirrel.

The squirrel was quite happily sitting in a rather weird upright position, and even when we got quite close, it didn’t move, so I took a whole series of pictures. I know that squirrels can and do sit like this, and it has been pretty extensively documented, it was just impressive that it didn’t seem to care about us at all, and it seemed to be enjoying the opportunity to sit on its haunches on a sunny day, watching the ocean. Also, I’ve been writing about a lot of intense topics lately, and I wanted some fluff. So there.

The squirrel appeared to be either eating something or cleaning its paws; it was a bit hard to tell, and since I don’t have a telephoto lens, I couldn’t zoom in for a really good closeup picture of whatever it was doing.

As we stood there talking about it, it eventually reluctantly started to pay attention to us while it determined whether or not we were going to be A Problem. It looked extremely put upon in the process.

After this withering glare, we wisely vacated the area.