Two Fantastic Finds

That I just couldn’t wait to share. My father passed on the 19 June, 1939 copy of LIFE to me after encountering it somewhere in his travels, and it is amazing. I think I will be writing a lot more about what’s inside it and inside the copies of The Mendocino Beacon from the 1950s and 1960s which he also found; there’s an article on the front page of one talking about eliminating the toll for calls between Fort Bragg and Mendocino!

But I had to share these two totally excellent images. Sorry about the readability issues, but I don’t have a scanner. If someone local wants to let me use theirs, that would be awesome, meanwhile, I recommend clicking through to see a large version on Flickr.

This full page ad for the Bread Diet assures readers that they can walk a mile on one slice of bread!

This full page feature on Hitler and the Nazi elite, including “Nazi beauties” is especially chilling when you consider the fact that Germany was six weeks away from invading Poland.

Pretty much every page of this issue has something totally astounding, creepy, or wonderful. It really was a totally different era.