Photo Friday: Paul Bunyan Days Parade

For this Photo Friday, I am bringing back the slideshow, because there are just too many images to enjoy, and I encourage you to sit through it. Those of you who have trouble seeing the sideshow for some reason can check out the photos in my Flickr account; the photos from Paul Bunyan Days are here.

The morning of the parade dawned sunny and clear, with barely a breath of wind in the sky; a nice change from the blustery day we had on Sunday. I ambled parade-wards, running into friends along the way, and we ended up camping out in front of City Hall, where we caught the parade pretty much as it started. It’s always better to view a parade from the beginning of the route, before everyone gets all tuckered out.

Some of the highlights of this year’s parade included the Marching Lumberjacks, the best marching band ever. I love the Marching Lumberjacks with a passion. I also really enjoyed the Mexican trick riders, because they are always amazing, and the polite Obama/Biden supporters (with coordinated chants) were a breath of fresh air after the nasty ones from Mendo. You may also note that Obama made it to our parade! And the one nod to organized labor was in the Obama contingent, which was nice (although the shouts about universal healthcare were somewhat misleading since, uhm, Obama doesn’t have single payer healthcare in his platform).

I think this parade was actually better than Mendo’s this year. It was really diverse, with everything from the Pro-Meat float, which always makes me laugh, to people marching with a giant peace sign. I even got a citation from the Keystone Kops (for taking photographs without a license, and “just because”). People seemed to be having fun, both as observers and participants, and it was a general all-round good time.

This, my friends, is why I love parades.