Reader Participation

Gentle readers, the time has come once again to give a shout out for reader participation. I am working on an article on caring for your own dead, and I would like to hear from any and all of you who have dealt with some aspect of the death care process, whether it’s holding an entire funeral at home and burying on your property, or just performing some of the tasks associated with the funeral.

If you’ve dealt with funerary paperwork like death certificates, disposition permits, and Pete knows what else, I want to hear about it. If you’ve fought with the Health Department to protect your right to care for your own dead, I want to hear about that too. I’d also love to hear from people who are interested in death care and want to know more, and I especially want to hear from readers who have cared for their own dead in California.

In addition to hearing about the bureaucratic side of your experience, if you’re willing to share, I would also be interested in the emotional side; how you felt about the process, how other family members/friends dealt with it, and so on. Furthermore, if you have tips and suggestions for others going through the same experience, what would they be?

I’d also love to hear from people who work with hospice organizations or groups which offer death care and assistance with home funerals. If you work for a hospice, do your organization offer death care? Do you wish you did more? Would your clients and their families benefit from classes on caring for their own dead? Have you ever taken a death care/death midwifery class? Are you a death doula/midwife?

Email meloukhia at gmail dot com with your thoughts, and feel free to spread the word.