Mendocino Fourth of July Parade: Hippies

I know that this is the post you have all been waiting for, secretly. I thought about making you wait until Thursday, but I decided that would be mean. So, here are your hippies.

parade float

This was actually the float for a local nursery, but I think they belong in the hippie group. The floral decorations here were simply incredible.


A bellydancer shakes her groove thang for, uh, peace.


A very large and elaborate and very cool anti-war entry.

anti-war parade entry

Another nursery, incidentally.

peace flag

A colour guard of a different, uh, colour.

peace float

The world is in our hands. Or something.

I was going to post some pictures of the Obama floats, including the giant cardboard Obama cut-out, but I am kind of pissed at how rude his supporters were, and I grumpy with him, so no Obama. Hardcore Obamaites should really learn to play nicely with others.