Mendocino Fourth of July Parade: Animals and People

The final post in the parade series. I hope you all have been enjoying this week, because I have.

man with a cow

This is cow guy. He is in every parade. The cow always looks the same, but I think it is in fact different. Last year he had a duck, too, and it was really cute.

horses in a parade

Well turned-out horses are a must, and this gang was very cool and collected.


This unicyclist impressed me. Unicycling is hard. Unicycling uphill is harder. Unicycling uphill in a parade that stops and starts constantly…is really, really hard.

peace marchers

Some Old Broads for Peace, a much smaller contingent than usual. Technically hippies, but, you know.

question war

More hippies in the march, who again could have been posted on Tuesday, but I had to save a few for today, you know?

horse on parade

This horse was beautiful, with the most amazing, fluid gaits. Unfortunately, it looked a little distressed. But oh, so pretty.