The last week or so must have been disappointing for the Obamaphiles, as they have watched their candidate of hope turn into a total sellout weenie. Despite the fact that I have maintaining that he would do this, I have to say that I’m a bit sad, because I did secretly want to believe in the Obama rhetoric, to think that he would stick to his values.

Where to start? Selling out on FISA, maybe? Promoting faith based initiatives? Weaseling out of public financing? Calling for more tax cuts and another stimulus package?

Or, as I discovered today…suggesting that we outlaw late term abortion, or at least leave it up to the states, while simultaneously insulting the very real mental health problems experienced by pregnant women, and, amazingly, suggesting that we should continue with the oh-so-successful abstinence-only sex education programs in this country? Obama’s pretty much managed to hit all my nerves in one week, which may be a record for one political candidate, especially one I (kinda) supported.

You know, one of the things about the political system in this country is that I feel like it forces people to make bad choices. I’ve always thought Obama was a bad choice, and I stand behind that now more than ever. That said, I was fully intending to vote for in November until last week, and I grew less and less sure about that, until today, when I realized that I really can’t vote for him.

And I’m tired to being told that by voting for someone other than Obama, I would be voting for McCain. That would only be true if I voted for McCain. A vote for a candidate who stands behind his or her values is actually a vote for values, not Mr. McCain, and if no such candidate appears, I guess I’ll be forced to leave the “President” section of my ballot blank, because I can’t vote for someone I don’t respect. I refuse to capitulate to pressure from the Obama camp, which seems to be getting ever more offensive and intense as people start to question The Sacred One, and I suspect that I am not the only person who feels that way.

Obama is getting the netroots pretty riled up in the wake of the nomination fight, and I wonder how this is going to end.