Termination for Cause

Last night, I finally got a chance to watch the latest Jericho episode, Termination for Cause, and boy howdy was it a humdinger. Let’s just say, before the cut, that the plot is humming right along.

First of all, let me just say that is was freakin’ awesome to see Goetz get his just desserts, even though this now means that Jericho and New Bern just totally screwed themselves. While I understand New Bern’s desire to have their vengeance, it was monumentally stupid of them to hang Goetz’ body right by the city limits; they should have quietly disposed of it in the hopes that Beck wouldn’t find out, or that it would at least take awhile.

I am glad to see New Bern back in the picture, because I feel like it has been kind of shunted to the side, and I think that watching the fates of the two towns unfold will be really interesting, because they’ve made such different choices. In a way, New Bern has chosen the path of evil, with Constantino, while Jericho has really tried to take the path of good, with the Greens. (By the way, what is happening with Mayor Anderson? Are we going to see some constitutional convention action or what?)

I also really hope that Trish is the new J&R supervisor, because I think that she will do a good job. She seems like a fair, just person who will work to help Jericho, rather than, you know, running it as her own private fiefdom, like certain other people we can name.  I love that line as she leaves Goetz: “I hope you rot in hell” Simply awesome.

I also think that Heather is going to be forced into a really interesting position. Is it possible that she will be able to convince Beck to have mercy on Jericho, given their complex relationship? I find it hard to believe that he would ride roughshod over her, especially after demonstrating faith and hope in her to the extent that he has. She could be a major key to creating some sort of amnesty, so that the town does not need to be occupied.
A fairly untenable and difficult to resolve situation seems to be being set up here, and it’s hard to believe that there are only two more episodes this season. I hope that the complex plot is a sign of a third season to come, although I will not rest easy until I hear that CBS has, in fact, ordered a third season, given all of the general uncertainty.