So, CBS just canceled Jericho.


I am so sending them nuts.

I had a feeling this was coming, since they stuffed the show into an incredibly crappy timeslot and then didn’t promote it all, but it is still really sad. I just don’t see how they can wrap the show up in one more episode, and really want to see the alternate ending, since Skeet Ulrich mentioned that it “had stuff that hasn’t been seen on TV before.”

And maybe that was the problem. This season cut very close to home in a lot of ways, and I have a suspicion that some people may not have liked that. There were a lot of parallels with Blackwater, Halliburton, and a number of other companies in bed with the government in Jericho, and with the torture in the most recent episode, I think the show really brought the war home for people. I think the producers knew they were likely to get dropped, so they just went wild, and it made the show, well, freakin’ great.

I am sad to see that Jericho never really got a fighting chance, and I am sad to see it go. I think they could have wrapped the show up neatly this season, if they had gone into it with that mindset, but I don’t see how they can wind things up in 45 minutes next week without infuriating everyone. There is simply too much going on at this point, so many loose ends I don’t even know where to begin. I care about these characters, and I really wanted to see the direction that their world took, from Stanley’s dark night of the soul to Beck’s crisis of conscience. Allegedly the show is being shopped around to other networks, so it may yet be revived. I sure hope so. Until then, I won’t be watching anything CBS has to offer, and I’ll be avoiding their advertisers, too.

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  1. Join me and other Jericho fans and boycott CBS and it’s sponsers! Let’s not take this laying down!!

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