Car Envy

While walking downtown to check the mail the other day, I noticed some awesome vintage cars. Blabberon chronicles shopping carts…I apparently am destined to track the population of beautiful old cars. I’ve noticed that there are often one or two in the Skunk Train parking lot, especially on the weekends, and I suspect that the owners probably come up in convoy. Whatever the reason for it, I love seeing a lineup of old cars gleaming with loving care.

old blue car

Often, the cars are beautifully restored, and it’s obvious that the owners love them very much and handle them with kid gloves. These paint jobs looked fresh, with beautiful polished fittings and gleaming hubs. I swear to Pete, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought these cars were brand new. I would really love to get a peek under the hood someday, but I never seem to spot an owner with an old car, and I’m not about to charge up and start poking around. Although it’s tempting.

old blue car

These two cars looked a lot alike from behind, so I swept around front to check out the scene. It took some close examination for me to see the differences—but the front view really show what different cars they are. I also checked the backseat for rum runners, just because these seemed like those kind of cars. I didn’t spot any, but here’s a back view of the Graham:

vintage car

Look at those curves! Amazing.

These beautiful vintage cars make me wonder about the cars around us today. Most cars seem so clunky and ugly, I can’t imagine people collecting them and lavishing attention on them. Of course, given how shoddy car construction is these days, I’m not sure any late twentieth century cars will be around in 70 years to restore, even if people want them. Whereas these vintage beauties will probably still be purring.

I think I might be suffering from car envy. I don’t even really want a car, but some of these vehicles are mighty sexy; and they probably require a huge time commitment. When I’m old and retired…