So…CBS canceled Jericho?


I have to say, I thought that the season finale was a little weak, but it also left me wondering about what would happen next. We have all these unresolved issues that I would have loved to see play out. How would the power structure in Jericho change after the invasion? How would the United States rebuild after the attacks? What would the new “normal” be? How would things work out with Dylan and the little rich girl? Would her parents show up, ever? What’s going to happen to Eric, tormented soul that he is? Will Jericho and New Bern get their shit together and buddy up? I was drawn in!

I mean, here’s this awesome idea, and CBS just cans it? The idea isn’t just awesome because I am came up with it first. It really is a neat concept, the thought of complete destruction of society as we know it and dealing with the results. The network has picked up five new shows, three of which sound like total garbage. I am really just…awestruck that CBS didn’t pick Jericho up for another season. I have the sense that it’s the kind of show which will do really well on DVD, meaning that the episodes online are going to get yanked soon.

Or maybe they won’t release it to DVD at all. Perhaps they will just erase the memory of Jericho, along with the reason for the cancellation. God, I hope not. Take the Family Guy, for example, which was canceled until it performed so well on DVD that they brought it back. That could happen with Jericho, too. I think it might be time to reevaluate the way in which we look at television popularity.

Now, I’m not any sort of television maven. I don’t like television, and I started watching Jericho because CBS was loading episodes online. (Which I’m still all about, I think that Innertube is awesome, and I will probably keep using it to fulfill my CSI addiction.) So I don’t really understand what makes a network decide to keep or drop a show. But Jericho seems to be stimulating discussion and attracting fans. So I’m not quite sure why CBS would cancel it.

Possibly, the show was canceled because of seemingly low viewer rates on release nights. But I wonder how many people watch the show on Innertube, like I do, or record it to watch later. How are networks dealing with the integration of technology? It’s getting to the point where the ratings for a single night of viewers might not really provide all that much information.

Fans are trying to get another network to pick the show up, which might be feasible. I hope so. I think the next year of Jericho could have been really strong, and interesting, and I would have liked to see it happen. Meanwhile, I am very disappointed in you, CBS. A reality show about children displaces an awesome drama? Are you for reals?