Mickey Avalon

Peaches and I just returned from seeing Mickey Avalon at Mezzanine.

It was awesome.

I am so in love with that man. He is more amazing in performance than he is on records, if such a thing is possible, with this great charisma that pulls in the whole audience. In addition to performing “Waiting to Die,” one of my personal favourites, he also played a new song, “Dance,” which was excellent. And fully danceable. Oh, yes, the dancing. Mmm.

It’s hard to explain how music stoned I feel right now. Concerts are very stressful for me, because of the large and really intense crowd, and the noise. I had a rough time, but once Mickey came on I started to have a blast, partially because Peaches made herself into a giant shield to shelter me from the madding crowd. We were right up against the stage…and yes, he really does reach out and grab fans who are standing next to the stage. And yes, musicians get very, very sweaty when they are busting out a set.

I can see why he has sex maddened groupies. Oh, yes.

I have a feeling I’ll be up for hours working the buzz off. Hopefully he will be coming to San Francisco again soon…he’s a man I could see in concert again…and again…and again.

[Mickey Avalon]