I recently discovered that CBS has this nifty feature called Innertube, which provides full videos of a lot of their shows. I initially stumbled upon it in my search for episodes of CSI, a show which I find strangely captivating. They don’t have a complete archive; there are usually a couple of shows up at once, and there are short advertisements spliced in, but that seems like a reasonable trade off to me. I’m glad to see that CBS has recognized the value of posting their shows for free on the Internet. Thanks, CBS! You can also pay to watch some shows through Google Video, if you’re into that sort of thing.

So, the thing about television, as I was saying to Haddock the other day, is that I find it captivating. I think that this is a problem for a lot of us who are raised without television…we just find ourselves sucked in, mesmerized, unable to pull away. In the case of Innertube, it started with CSI. And then I figured I should watch the CSI: Miami and CSI: NY that they had up as well.

But I quickly ran out of episodes. Then, I noticed something called NCIS. I wondered what it was, and found myself watching Naval Criminal Investigation Service, which is like CSI, only with the Navy. I’m a little embarrassed to admit how into these kinds of shows I am, dear readers. I hope that you can forgive me. I just have a deep interest in forensic investigation. Maybe I should just go work in a lab for awhile or something, work it out. I’m not as interested in the drama as I am in the science, or pseudoscience, if you will. I know that you all have dark secrets. Forensics shows are mine.

Anyway. As you might predict, I quickly ran out of NCIS as well.

I was casting about for something to do and I noticed that they had a show called Jericho, and that the show had just started airing late last year. They have the entire season up to date on Innertube, so I thought I would check out the pilot, see if I liked it, and then maybe watch some more.

Two days later, I can see that Jericho is awesome and that yes, Puff, I am still alive.

The basic premise of the show is that the United States is attacked by several nuclear bombs. It’s set in a small town in Kansas, and opens with the day of the bomb attacks, and then unfolds into what happens when the world ends. I have to say, I find it rather magnetically compelling, as evidenced by the fact that I stayed up until 6:00 AM this morning watching it so that I would be up to date.

I love the premise, and I love the way that the show is playing out. It’s odd, because I actually had a similar concept for a book last year. I’m going to be charitable and assume that CBS did not read my mind and steal my ideas for the show, because there are some disturbing similarities. At any rate, I love the sense of uncertainty, which to me is highly realistic. The citizens of the town see a mushroom cloud, they wonder what is going on, and things proceed from there. They get information in bits and pieces. They struggle to survive. They send scouts out to see what might be left around them. They have tortured pasts. It’s sinister. Compelling. Frightening. You know. I dig it.

Watching the show makes me wonder about what life would be like if that actually happened. I suspect that if San Francisco was bombed, we would probably get taken out as well, given that we aren’t that far away. A small yield weapon might just kill us slowly with radiation poisoning. But assuming that we somehow magically survived, how strange it would be to have no idea what was going on, to get aid drops from China, to be cut off from the rest of the country in a single stroke. Life as I know it would be over. All I’m sayin’ is that I would totally eat those geese.