Candy Challenge Installment Two

Last night, we busted out the Cairns Chocolate Fudge:

cairns chocolate fudge

I’m going to be honest with you here, dear readers: I do not think the trip was kind to the fudge, making it difficult to judge fairly. It had turned slightly granular, and there was a large streak of cocoa butter along the bottom, which suggested to me that it had melted and then resolidifed at some point. This was borne out by the flavor, which was extremely mild and reminded us of caramel.

However, I am impressed that you can acquire bars of fudge which are intended to be eaten in one sitting in New Zealand. They are clearly much larger candy studs than we wussy Americans…it took three of us to finish one Cairn’s Chocolate Fudge Bar.

This morning, Puff and I tried the Cadbury Flake:

cadbury flake bar

We dug it. I’m not too into milk chocolate, but they used high quality milk chocolate, and the texture was…good fun. I heeded the warning on the package (“the crumbliest chocolate!”) and we ate it outdoors, dribbling bits of it onto the back yard. It was fantastic, kind of like my true love the Aero bar. Fun to eat. Our candy=not fun.

Next, I tried the Milo Energy Bar.

milo energy bar

Crisped rice and…formulated supplement food base? I kind of got into it though. I love “energy bars” that are just chock full of sugar and not in any way beneficial to human health. It reminded me of…cereal, I think.

picnic bar

I also tried the Picnic, about which I had trepidations, because I hate peanuts/peanut butter/nuts of any form in chocolate. I really do not comprehend the peanut obsession: they are good for two things only in my opinion, and that’s peanut sauce and as a topping for pad thai.

But I cracked it open anyway, enticed by the combination of “peanuts, wafer, caramel, & rice crisps covered in delicious Cadbury chocolate.” My first bite, luckily, was sans peanut, and I was fairly pleased. The caramel was not excessively sweet, as it often is, and the rice crisps and wafer were fun.

My next bite, alas, had peanuts, but I still kind of enjoyed it. The peanuts were salty, which interplayed with the caramel and the chocolate in a fun way. I like fleur de seul caramel, so I suppose caramel and salt are two things I can get into, even if the salt vehicle happens to be a peanut. By my third bite, I was sold: the Picnic bar is fun times, and anyone who says otherwise shall be punished.

I am also curious to know if New Zealanders normally take wafers, chocolate, peanut, rice crisps, and caramel on their picnics, or if they just bring Picnic bars. When I was a little kid, my dad and I would take bars of German dark chocolate on our picnics, so I suppose it’s not that strange.

I’m saving some of the best for last…assuming my teeth hold out…Cadbury milk chocolate is a little sweeter than I can handle.

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