Dim Sum Sunday

Dim Sum Sunday this week, alas, has no photographic accompaniment because we went to Kabuki for a tub first. The public tubs are assigned to women on Sundays and one of the roommates and I decided to go check it out. It was quite a pleasant experience.

It’s kind of challenging to find hot tubs in San Francisco that aren’t, er, geared towards other service options. Kabuki gets around that by having sex segregated tubs and no private rooms. Kabuki also offers a variety of massage and body treatments although we didn’t try any of those out today. Having been to the spa for tubs, I’m sure I’ll be back for other services. I was very impressed with our whole spa experience, and when it comes to spas, I get around.

The public tubs are, in short, gorgeous. The whole spa is very well appointed and the staff are courteous and helpful. But the public tubs feature a big dry sauna, cold plunge, warm pool, and a steam room. I spent most of my time on the top shelf of the sauna, sprawled out and enjoying the heat. I popped into the cold plunge as well and spent some time in the steam room. The spa staff keep the tubs very clean and pleasant, with the floors staying relatively dry for such a flock of ladies, stacks of fresh towels to use, and well appointed amenities.

It was a great space to be in. I mean, I didn’t have my glasses on because I didn’t want to damage them, so I couldn’t really see anything, but what I did see was very well appointed. The spa also had cool water for us to drink, fresh fruit to eat, cucumbers for our eyes, and sea salt to exfoliate. It was a peaceful, contemplative atmosphere with a variety of women of all shapes and sizes. And some really, really nice tattoo work. I have a feeling this is going to become a frequent expedition…

It really reminded me of visiting ritual public baths in Europe, with the tile and low murmer of water and padding feet and thick towels. The roommate and I exchanged maybe four words while we there—it was a very tranquil and hushed environment, and I found myself sinking into meditation in the sauna. A great healing space, and a warm and pleasant establishment to visit.

Dim sum? Awesome, as always.

My fortune: share happiness with others in bed.

[Kabuki Spa]